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Violating Custody Agreement

20 Dec 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized | Posted by: pushfocusproductions

A visitation agreement for children is a court order that generally sets out the timetable for both parents to continue their relationship with their children after a divorce. If they do not follow that decision, it can result in a prison sentence of up to two years and a fine of up to $10,000. If the parents cannot accept the necessary changes, you may have to ask the court for a change in the custody system. With the help of your lawyer, you can submit the correct form with the information you need to search for a change. Because of the significant consequences of an offence, a parent who is informed or notified of a possible custody violation can speak immediately with a lawyer for child visits. This type of lawyer allows you to go in the best way, and you can represent yourself in court during formal hearings. If your ex does not allow you to see your children, or if you are in some way violating the custody order that is in effect, you can apply for your case to be tried. If you take this step, a number of things can happen. The actions the court will take will depend on certain factors. If your ex has generally followed the custody order so far, this may help your ex`s case. For example: Claire and Jonathan have two children and have been granted shared custody.

The children live mainly with Claire, but on Wednesdays and alternative weekends with Jonathan. Jonathan is required to pay for child care, but he is back for more than 4 months. To force him to pay, Claire will not allow Jonathan to have the children during his planned period. Although Jonathan failed to do some of his obligations by not paying child benefit, Claire violated the child care system by appropriating “self-help.” First of all, it is important that you take a moment to assess the severity of the injury. If your marriage ended with a lot of negative feelings, you can act zealously against your ex if they violate the agreement. However, it is important that you take an objective look at the situation and follow up if the injury is something that needs to be followed.

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