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Shaw Cable Service Agreement

12 Apr 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized | Posted by: pushfocusproductions

Shaw Cable`s joint terms of service, headquartered in www.shaw.ca/terms-of-use/, apply to all cable television and video services available to the customer of Shaw Cablesystems G.P., a subsidiary of Shaw Business. Your full 25-page agreement can be accessed at any time when you log in online to your Shaw account. It`s definitely worth reading every contract you make. On page 3 of your Shaw Value contract under “Cancel the Buyer`s Right,” it is clearly indicated the 10-day period in which you can terminate the contract for any reason. The following terms and conditions of use apply to all services available to you by Shaw Telecom G.P. and/or Shaw Business U.S., Inc. (`Shaw Business`). Can I change my service level during a 2-year value plan? If you keep the minimum fibre 25 or higher service in a 2-year value plan on the Internet or On Fibre 25 and Total TV on a 2-year valueplan with TV, you can change your services at any time without breaking your agreement. However, if you downgrade Internet services to a lower level of service, BlueCurve TV rental costs may be incurred if you choose to keep them. Yes, yes.

Shaw will continue to provide you with rental equipment at the current monthly rental price, plus taxes. Keep a minimum of Fibre 25 and the level of TV service, which is stipulated as signature in the agreement, have you considered reading your copy of the agreement? When your 2-year period expires, your service will continue from month to month, or you can re-sign a new 2-year value plan. When your two-year period expires, you will no longer be eligible for ValuePlan`s 2-year monthly discount unless you sign a new contract. No, 2-year valueplanes are available to customers who want to get added value for their services. For more information on our 2-year ValuePlan and your commitment, please see: Shaw.ca/serviceagreement 2-year ValuePlans is for customers who want to take advantage of their Shaw services and hardware. A 2-year valueplan is ideal for new and existing Shaw customers. When you first registered for your 2-year value plan, you would have received a copy of your contract via email. The copy is sent when you log in, so you may need to look back in your inbox to find the installation. Look directly at your valuePlan launch date.

Does the 2-year value plan include a service price guarantee? The new 2-year valueplanes with the Internet include a price guarantee, but not the old 2-year valueplanes. As long as you keep La Fibre 25 and/or Total TV on your 2-year ValuePlan, all other basic services will also be guaranteed as part of your 2-year VauePlans.

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