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Flexibility Agreement Template

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If the application is initiated by the employer, the worker must be formally informed and sign the agreement with the other parties. These types of agreements must continue to meet minimum obligations and standards such as the minimum wage. In the context of an individual flexible employment contract, a worker must be “overall better off”. Ai Group members have unlimited access to our HR resource centre. These include comprehensive HR items, models and resources, as well as our popular Q-A range. An IFA appears to be a clause in a modern arbitration award or enterprise agreement and can be applied as such. This model of agreement on individual flexibility is used by employers in the implementation of this type of agreement as part of a bonus or enterprise agreement containing the concept of standard flexibility. Please note calendar 2.2 of the 2009 Fair Work Regulations to show the concept of model flexibility. Since an enterprise agreement may contain conditions outside the standard flexibility period, employers are encouraged to review their enterprise agreement and call the Workplace Advice Line on 1300 55 66 77 for additional assistance. You can also access a full list of our downloadable models on the Models page. Modern bonuses and enterprise agreements set minimum working conditions for categories of workers in similar positions or working in the same employer.

These instruments are collective in nature and apply to many workers. Therefore, they should not take into account the particular circumstances of the workers and the employer What can be included in an AFI depends on whether it is a modern bonus or an enterprise agreement. Modern rewards and enterprise agreements must include flexible conditions that contain provisions that can be modified by an IFA, such as working hours.B. It is the employer`s responsibility to ensure that, overall, the worker is better than if there were no ARIs. The employer`s “best overall assessment” generally involves comparing the worker`s financial benefits under the AFI with the financial benefits under the current arbitration or enterprise agreement. The employee`s personal circumstances and any non-financial benefits that are important to the employee may also be considered. An IFA concluded under a modern price or enterprise agreement ends with the creation of a new enterprise agreement. Interactive Model Tool Try our new interactive template tool.

A quick and easy way to adapt our models to your needs. An IFA concluded under an enterprise agreement can only change the terms of the enterprise agreement defined in the flexibility clause in the enterprise agreement.

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